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Humble Horror Beginnings

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Mircalla Karnstein
Bobby Blood

~Mircalla Karnstein~​

From birth horror was a part of Mircalla's life.  Her father a talented classic horror artist, named her after the French vampire novel "Carmilla." Over the summer of 2020 Mircalla embarked on creating Sinister Magazine, with the assistance of her close friend "Bobby Blood" who is an avid horror fan and the director of the film "Hell Nurse." In addition to being the Creator & Chief Editor of Sinister Magazine, she is also a mother, wife, model, actress, and holds 2 degrees: BA Anthropology & MA Library Information Science. She has a fulltime career as a Librarian but horror will always be her passion. 

~Bobby Blood~​

Bobby Blood is a world traveled Drummer from the New York Hardcore band Merauder and current member of Los Angeles rap metal band Downset.  Bobby studied Film Production in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Focusing primarily in the Horror genre, Bobby's first film was the street drug fueled zombie apocalyptic "The Death Valley Meth Lab" in 2005. Bobby is the co-editor of Sinister Magazine as well as the co-host and producer of the 85 Grave Horror Show & Podcast.

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