Humble Horror Beginnings

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Mircalla Karnstein & Bobby Blood during the filming of Hell Nurse 2019

Mircalla Karnstein~

"From a young age horror was apart of my everyday norm. I never even realized my father was a genius  artist until I was much older. Having been named after Carmilla Karnstein my name represented everything I was to become. I have early memories of my father painting 70s horror art and watching terrifying films that gave me nightmares. I'd give him shit for it later, but the truth is that shaped me. I've always called it *healthy trauma* and a good amount never killed anyone lol

I knew for a long time that I wanted to be involved in horror. So when my good friend Bobby Blood mentioned filming we came up with Hell Nurse and everything just took off. A horror magazine was something we were both passionate about so the creation came easily. Sinister is our 2nd baby and we couldn't be more proud!" 

Bobby Blood~

Bobby Blood is a world traveled Drummer from the New York Hardcore band Merauder and current member of Los Angeles rap metal band Downset.  Bobby studied Film Production in Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, NV. Focusing primarily in the Horror genre, Bobby's first film was the street drug fueled zombie apocalyptic "The Death Valley Meth Lab" in 2005. Bobby is the co-host and producer of the 85 Grave Horror Show & Podcast.